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Front Coning Issue


Over 70% of wheel balance comebacks can be directly attributed to the way wheels are mounted on the balancer. The single biggest contributor to mounting problems is using a cone from the front of the wheel or front coning. The contact point on the cone has nothing to do with the way the wheel is mounted on the vehicle. A front coned wheel on a balancer cannot be accurately or properly balanced.

Unfortunately, front coning has become standard practice in many North American shops as it speeds up the balancing process and requires little or no training. Consequently, it has arguably become the most serious problem in wheel balancing today. As long as front coning is allowed and accepted in shops, wheel balancing cannot be taken seriously. Front coning is a practice that has to be educated out of the marketplace and eliminated from all shops. Professional shops that take the time to properly educate/train their techs and place importance on balancing wheels precisely and accurately are the shops that can be trusted to give their customers the tire and wheel service they deserve.

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