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Heavy Duty – ProMax HD

It is virtually impossible to mount OTR and Bus wheels on HD cones with any degree of consistency, accuracy or precision. With the Haweka ProMax HD kit, shops are able to mount all steel, aluminum and trailer wheels on the balancer exactly the way they are on the vehicle using both the hub pilot and lug holes at the same time for precision balancing. Stop chasing results and start getting the balance right the first time with the Supreme Centering Solution for OTR…Haweka’s ProMax HD.

Introducing ProMax HD Eco Kits

In addition to the complete ProMax HD Master kit for all HD applications, Haweka has developed two economy kits - ProMax Eco 8 and ProMax Eco 10 – for shops focusing on one type of HD vehicle, 8 or 10 lug wheels, or the other.

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