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Hub Centering

Haweka hub centering devices function to mimic the vehicles wheel hub. Hub centering devices (cones, collets, Duo Collets) should always be used from the back of the wheel…never from the front (see front coning section).
  • Standard cones cannot be used on clad wheels from either the back or the front.
    Duo Expert and Pro Collets are clad solver solutions.
  • Never use a cone, Pro Collet or Duo Expert from the front.
    They are meant as a hub centering device from the back of the wheel only.
  • Cones showing visible signs of wear, like striated lines or chipping, should be replaced.

GOOD - Cones

Since the Sixties, cones have been standard tooling for mounting wheels on balancers.  Used properly from the back of the wheel, cones are adequate hub centering devices but do not provide the precision mounting surface required for so many wheels on the road today. If cones are a shop’s choice for hub centering devices, it is recommended that they be used in conjunction with either Flange Plates or Quick Plates to increase balance accuracy. 

Product Information – Cones

The biggest issue with cones is that are all too often misused in shops from the front of the wheel.  It cannot be stated and/or stressed more that shops must train technicians to use cones only from the back of the wheel and never from the front.  Why?  Because the outer hole in the wheel hub is not machined and has nothing to do with centering the wheel on the vehicle.   Wheels cannot be balanced properly when coned from the front on the balancer.

BETTER - Precision Collets

Haweka Pro Collets is a 9 piece precision collet kit covering the range 52.5mm – 121mm (with an optional 10th collet available increasing the range to 126mm).  Each collet is dual sided and low tapered for an improved mounting surface to standard cones.  The ¾” width of each dual side is shallow enough that it will never cause interference in the wheel hub making it a solution for clad covered wheels.   The collets in this kit must always be used on the back of the wheel and never from the front.  Wheels cannot be balanced properly using collets from the front.    


BEST - Duo Expert

The Haweka Duo Expert is the most accurate hub centering device available in the marketplace.    The Duo Expert kit consists of four collets ranging from 54-86mm with an un-tapered precision mounting surface that expands to grab the center bore of the wheel perfectly in its proper contact position or “sweet” spot.  As a result, Duo Expert Collets replicate the wheel hub exactly for 100% tolerance free centering.   Like the precision collets, Duo Expert collets must always be used from the back of the wheel and must always be used with a lug centering device, Quick Plates or North American Flange Plates, for even pressure and full hub centering contact in the wheel hub. 

Product Secret – Duo Expert

While the Duo Expert collet looks like no other hub centering device (cones or collets) it is really just a glorified cone.  The cone lies beneath the non-tapered, outer surface that mimics the vehicle’s wheel hub and is designed for centering.  Normally, wheels ride up the cone’s tapered surface searching for the centering point but not always finding it.  With the Duo Expert, wheels are mounted on the non-tapered, outer surface which rides up the cone while simultaneously expanding and grabbing with full contact the wheel hub’s machined surface (just like the wheel hub to machined surface on the vehicle) for perfect mounting and centering on the balancer.

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