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Lug Centering

Haweka adapter plates function to mimic the vehicles lug nuts by providing even pressure from the front of the wheel. Used in combination with a hub centering device (cone, collet, duo collet) and quick nut/wing nut, adapter plates enable wheels to be mounted on the balancer exactly as they are on the vehicle.        


GOOD - Pressure Cups

Pressure cups have been standard tooling on wheel balancers since the late 1960s.  They are perfectly adequate for cast/steel wheels in the 15-16” and 30-35 pound range but are limited in their ability to provide enough pressure to push heavier wheels into a properly centered position on a cone.  Pressure Cups should not be used on plastic covered clad wheels due to potential clad surface damage or any truly lug centric wheels like most aftermarket wheels.  It is highly recommended that shops use either Quick Plates or flange plates on every wheel to mimic lug nut mounting for consistent and accurate results. 


BETTER - North American Flange Plates

The Haweka Flange Plate system has been setting the standard for wheel balancer adapters since it was introduced to the market.  It consists of four plates (Plate A – 4 and 8 lug bolt hole patterns, Plate B and C – 5 lug bolt hole patterns, Plate D – 6 lug bolt hole patterns) and 3 sets of studs that can be matched to vehicles by following a wall chart(included with every kit) detailing the plate and studs to use for the job. Flange plates mimic the vehicles lug nuts and make no contact with the wheel’s surface preventing damage to a wheel’s finish.


BEST - Quick Plates

The Haweka Quick Plate is a fast, intuitive, easy to use adjustable adapter plate.  It is available in 4, 5 and 6 lug plates covering pitch circle diameters from 94 to 188mm.  Quick plates adjust to fit any bolt hole pattern for passenger car, light truck and SUV on the road…past, present and future.  The revolutionary new Series IV Quick Plate features a more durable, robust design to withstand the tougher North American tire shops while  enabling  shops to get premium balancing results on every wheel without tedious set up and sacrificing valuable bay time. 


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