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Medium Duty – ProMax MD

If your shop is struggling to balance 8 and 10 lug wheel truck applications and 19.5 inch wheels are giving you headaches, Haweka’s ProMax MD Select provides the solution. The 5 piece ProMax MD Select kit consists of a lug adapter plate, one two sided collet and three spring loaded collets hub discs that cover all 8 and 10 lug applications. The collets are exact replicas of the vehicle’s wheel hub enabling shops to mount the wheels on the balancer exactly the way they are on the vehicle for precision balancing. Stop comebacks, stop chasing results and start getting the balance right the first time with Haweka’s ProMax MD.

Product Information – Chevy/GMC 8x180 and 8x210

Having trouble balancing Chevy/GMC 8x180 and 8x210 applications? There is a very good reason. The wheel’s hub bore design makes balancing these wheels virtually impossible when using the standard truck cone kit. Haweka has the Supreme Centering Solution for 2011 and up Silverado, Suburban, Sierra and Yukon with 8x180 and 8x210 bolt hole patterns…the ProMax Chevy II kit. This kit comes with a two sided hub pilot disc that replicates the wheel hub and a four arm star flange adapter that replicates the lug nuts for precision mounting on the balancer and 100% tolerance free centering.

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