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Motorcycle manufacturers regularly launch new motorcycles in order to offer individual solution to the rider’s desire. New technical developments, mono lever wheels for example, combined with modern designs have led to much wider tires for motorcycles.

HAWEKA is keeping pace with these technical developments and we have made it our aim to react quickly to technical change and to work on the necessary solutions. The motorcycle clamping device Pro Bike has therefore been constantly improved during the last years. With the new Pro Bike UNI you have purchased one of the newest innovations from HAWEKA.

In the course of these innovations we have also optimized the balancer attachment, reworked the design and developed additional new centering kits. By the use of different internal adapters it is possible to mount the Pro Bike without any problem to most balancers in the market.

• Precision balancing results
• Simple and fast mounting
• Safe and easy handling
• Modular upgrade kits

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